It is the dream of man retirees to spend their well-deserved down time relaxing on a warm, sunny beach in a village or town that offers a laid-back and safe way of life. Many people have already found that all this is entirely possible when they choose to retire in Spain. Arguably one of Spain’s biggest attractions is the quality of life on offer.

Retirement in Spain offers expats year-round sunshine, stunning countryside and beaches, and a low cost of living. Retirees who have moved to Spain were attracted by the laid-back lifestyle which is perfectly suited for those who no longer need to work. There are also a number of financial benefits to retiring in Spain which makes the country an all-around please to live in. You can see more about that on

Living Expenses

Those who have visited Spain will attest to the fact that the country remains a relatively cheap place to live. Spain offers retirees a good standard of living for their money.


The national healthcare system in Spain is well-developed. Adding to this it is also free for everyone to use, even for those from abroad. You may, however, find that there are certain limitations if you are visiting the country. But for those who live and retire in Spain, these services are free.

The downside to having a great working healthcare system is that the services are often in high demand.  Those looking for medical treatment on the national healthcare system often have to wait for extended periods of time. It is for this reason that many people opt for private healthcare.


As with many countries throughout the world, the housing market in Spain has been the center of much controversy over the last few years. Many expats have found that they have fallen for scams and others were conned into buying property which was promised to be developed only for the developers to run off with their investments.

This, however, is, for the most part, a thing of the past. There are more stringent measures in place to ensure that those wanting to invest in the housing market are protected when they do so. Retirees may wish to delay intended house purchases until the housing bubbles have been fully resolved.

Despite all the housing drama of the past, Spain is extremely popular as a retirement destination for Europeans. One of the most popular areas for retirees to settle is in the Costa del Sol, part of the Andalucia province. This area is particularly attractive to retirees as it offers an excellent infrastructure together with a proliferation of English-speaking service providers.

Social and Political Climate

If you have read the news in the last few years you would have seen that Spain has been the victim of terrorist attacks both from Islamic fundamentalists and the militant organization the ETA. You can rest assured that the attacks are rare.


Spain is a developed country that offers good communication and transport infrastructures. There are no major issues within the developed areas of the country.